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Our New Site Is Live / Now The Serious Work Begins

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New & Improved Starburst

Common occurrence among service-oriented marketing services firms: When clients call, you bump your own work. That’s been a recurring theme since v1.0 of the Boston area marketing agency then known as Rosenthal Direct. (For the few interested in our monikers over the past quarter century, after operating as Rosenthal Direct for eight years, in 1997 the agency became Passaic Parc; in 2006, we renamed it Mothers of Invention; finally, one year ago the shop morphed into Contenteurs, to reflect our desire to deliver a different level of marketing content.)

But here we are at last with a shiny new site. And we’re quite proud of how it came together.

You’ll notice we put our accomplishments front and center on home page sliders. After developing record-breaking campaigns for dozens of businesses — a track record few advertising agencies can match — we knew it would be a differentiator. And in the “Clients” section you’ll see we’ve assisted some of the world’s most respected brands.

But the differences don’t end there. We emphasize the fact that Contenteurs has run thousands of marketing experiments. We haven’t seen it all, but we’ve certainly seen enough to guide clients toward the most important tests. Marketers aiming to test their way to the optimal content marketing mix get a team that has stepped through tests of every major advertising variable.

Speaking of optimization, I’m currently writing a book on the subject. The working title is Optimarketing: The Marketing Optimization Book. It’s based on the marketing optimization methodology we’ve evolved through the years.

Of course, a website is only as valuable as its visitors — and customers. So now we begin the all-important job of attracting marketers able, willing, and ready for, as home page slider #3 says, “marketing content that makes a measurable difference.”

Optimarketing is a trademark of Contenteurs.