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Six Damn Good Reasons to Use a Content Marketing Agency

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You’re more than capable of publishing a blog post, pointing a video camera at a colleague, delivering a webinar, and producing other types of content – without help from the outside. So why hire a content marketing agency? Here’s why.

1. Get outside the you-know-what – Marketers often bring in a top-notch agency to get (forgive the phrase) “outside the box.” With tight deadlines and budgets, it’s easy for internal marketing teams to fall into predictable patterns. The right content marketing agency could take you places you wouldn’t get to on your own – including those that could be very profitable.

2. Focus on what matters most – Excellent marketing content is linked to business goals and objectives. It’s strategic. But very often, for a variety of reasons, content gets created in an ad hoc manner. When it helps attract (or keep) customers who matter most, it’s capable of making a big difference.  The right content marketing agency will help keep your priorities in order.

3. Gain the gift of objectivity – Great marketing agencies are like baseball umpires: They call ‘em as they see ‘em. If Mike, the SVP who happens to be the Highest Paid Person, says, “I think we should go this route,” and the agency contact thinks there’s a better way to go, Mike won’t be told “Great idea.” Good clients expect their agencies to say what they really think.

4. Benefit from diversity – If your content marketing agency has been at it for a while, they’ve probably worked with a good variety of clients. Perhaps even more than 100. George Prince, the Synectics innovation pioneer, taught us that diversity is a key contributor to innovation. Bringing in a team that’s been successful with a diverse set of clients raises your odds of success.

5. Get more stuff done right – You’re busy. (Hey, who isn’t?) Sure, you could act like a Swiss Army knife and try developing your marketing content on your own, but is that the best use of your precious time? Do you and your team have all the hours needed to give your content the attention it should get? The right content marketing agency makes a big contribution to your content quantity – and quality.

6. Access specialized skills – The marketing world is more complex than ever. None of us are strong in every facet of marketing. But to remain competitive, you need strength across a full range of marketing disciplines. The right content marketing agency may add critical skills that take your content from ordinary to extraordinary. What’s more, you access these specialized skills on an as-needed basis, to save money.    

The right content marketing agency could produce an excellent return on investment – and even transform your marketing.

Robert Rosenthal is founder of Contenteurs, a content marketing agency that has developed record-breaking marketing programs for dozens of businesses. He’s also author of Optimarketing: Marketing Optimization to Electrify Your Business – recently the #2 marketing book in the Amazon Kindle Store. To arrange a complimentary consultation with Robert, email him at robert (at) contenteurs (dot) com, phone him at 508.517.2460, or send him a message here