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We’re Seeing More Of This

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Something exciting happened after I placed Optimarketing: Marketing Optimization to Electrify Your Business into an Amazon promotion: Within about 30 hours, it was the #2 marketing book in Amazon’s Kindle Store.

Optimarketing is opening doors. Our Boston-area content marketing agency has always attracted more than its share of exceptional clients. But I’ve known forever we could do so much for so many more marketers looking to pull out all the stops.

I’ll share a quick story: A client landed at a company that was #1 in its category. They were under contract with one of the country’s bigger agencies. But measurable results weren’t so hot. So the client read the contract and realized she could hire us on a project basis.

Result: First time out of the gate, in split-run testing against their control advertising, we lifted lead volume more than 60% – without eroding lead quality.

On that one, we had an inside champion out to do extraordinary stuff. But when we reached out to others, including those that seemed to need us most, getting them to green-light serious marketing innovation had traditionally been a tricky challenge.

A former head of business development for our shop put it well: “We can help you, but only if you let us.” Now, thanks to Optimarketing, more seem willing.