March, 2015 - Contenteurs

An Incredibly Easy Way To Pump Up Your Team

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A distressing reality: Most American workers aren’t engaged. And the problem is by no means confined to the US. A 142-country study by Gallup found only 13% of global employees are engaged at work. Nearly two-thirds — 63% — are “not engaged.” Equally disturbing, almost one-fourth — 24% — are “actively disengaged.”

Here’s an easy way to raise employee engagement: Share the credit. In marketing, when an outcome is great (or good), praise your employees and outside partners appropriately. Share specifics on the difference they made. Let them know you appreciate what they bring to the table.

Complimenting and thanking people publicly and privately for their contribution costs you nothing, and may make a serious bottom-line difference. It’s also a nice thing to do.