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For ambitious marketers, this could be a fall like no other. A season of unprecedented innovation.
A time to take your game up a notch – or three.

But only if you make the right moves.

It starts with an essential aspect of successful innovation: excellent collaboration. You or your designated facilitators should bring together your knowledge base – including a diverse collection of employees, customers, and others capable of contributing valuable insights.

The right collaborative process will enable you to set appropriate goals, develop strong strategies, and build important ideas.

Yes, ideas. Remember them? Marketing remains, above all else, a business of ideas.

And one idea could transform your marketing. Or even your business. That’s why it pays for a skilled team to grow ideas. Lots of them. Because you may need hundreds of carefully cultivated ideas to arrive at one with game-changing potential.

Ideas needn’t be confined to the creative aspect. Idea collection could involve all major elements: media, segmentation, offers, nurture, and more. After your new marketing program goes live, you should be able to look at all variables and spot at least one great characteristic.

Speaking of which, great marketers tend to be great testers. Testing is to marketers what R&D is to manufacturers. So test new ideas against current approaches. You’ll find no better way to identify your optimal storytelling platform, media mix, offers, and other key elements.

You’re busy. And your budget is probably less than ideal. But that’s almost every marketer’s reality. Optimarketers (marketing optimizers) find ways to overcome obstacles that block ordinary marketers.

This could be your season of awesomeness. An opportunity to transform your marketing outcomes – and perhaps your career. Don’t just talk about it this fall. Do it.

Robert Rosenthal is founder of Contenteurs (formerly Mothers of Invention), a content marketing agency in the Boston, Massachusetts area that has created dozens of record-breaking marketing campaigns and won more than 50 results-based awards. Clients have included Citigroup, Constant Contact, Fast Company, Fidelity Investments, Forrester, Gartner, Harvard, IBM, IDG, INC. Magazine, Infogroup, Iron Mountain, McGraw-Hill, MIT, Monster, New England Journal of Medicine, Progress, RSA, Thomson, Webby Awards, Ziff Davis, and many emerging companies. His agency’s campaigns have been covered in Advertising Age, AdWeek, The New York Times, and other publications. The Contenteurs team conceived and evolved the Optimarketing™ marketing optimization methodology over more than a decade. Robert’s been featured in Marketing Sherpa’s “Great Minds” series.

Interested in speaking with Robert about your marketing challenges? Schedule a complimentary consultation here or phone him at 508.517.2460.

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