Is It Possible To Create Hugely Successful Marketing On An Embarrassingly Small Budget? - Contenteurs

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Yep. In fact, it’s often easier to do amazing stuff when big bucks aren’t available.

Glance inside an advertising awards book and you’ll probably notice many if not most winners weren’t big-budget campaigns created for big brands.

Big budgets tend to mean more hierarchy, procedures, and rules. More hurdles. In short, more ways to wind up with mediocrity.

But don’t the best ideas usually require big bucks to execute? Nope. Think about the times you’ve enthusiastically shared cool business content that didn’t seem costly to produce. You provided those impressions to marketers free of charge.

At Contenteurs, we collect 200 or even over 300 raw ideas for a single campaign. Some ideas can’t run without a substantial budget, but in many cases, the best ideas are among the cheapest to pull off.

And I must say, when you realize your campaign is more successful than those of larger competitors spending way more money well, few moments in marketing are more gratifying.

Don’t get me wrong: Money comes in handy in marketing. More money buys you more options. More money equals more testing. And as I said in Optimarketing, the best marketers tend to be the best testers.

If you’ve been blessed with a small budget, aim to make it look big. One solid way to make this happen: Instead of trying to do lots of things, do fewer things really well. Think concentration of force.

And dare to be great.

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