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I’ll tell you about the book I’m writing in a moment. First, some background.

Around here, it’s about outcomes. Specifically, the measurable sort. Marketers come to us when they want something different. Never for the sake of being different. Most simply want to do what it takes to raise the odds of seeing a good or great outcome.

So we’ve run experiments. Lots of marketing experiments. Some of you know our team’s roots are in measurable marketing. But our training in advertising made us keenly aware that great advertising concepts have the power to transform businesses. Traditionally, relatively few direct marketers have run excellent concepts and few general advertising types have nailed the mechanics of textbook direct marketing. Early on, we began uniting concepts typically associated with creatively-focused shops with sophisticated direct marketing techniques.

After playing with variables in both marketing disciplines, through testing, we noticed we were on to something. For a good share of clients, our shop was producing the best measurable outcomes ever.

When clients gave us the ability to work major variables (and not merely tinker at the margins), outcomes were generally better. Over the years, most have given us what we’ve needed to produce excellent stuff. Including a commitment to running essential tests and a willingness to collaborate productively. As a result, our batting average got better and better. We even became students of the impact of organizational and cultural factors on marketing outcomes.

Around a dozen years ago, our group gave the marketing optimization methodology we’d evolved a name: Optimarketing. In 2003, the USPTO approved the Optimarketing trademark. Ten years and countless experiments later, it’s time to write Optimarketing, the marketing optimization book.

The book will detail what we’ve learned from developing all those record-breaking campaigns. My intention is to write considerably more content than what’ll end up the finished product, to make sure it’s full of our best advice. It won’t be a Marketing 101 book or another “how to” on advertising. Optimarketing, the book, will be about marketing optimization.

In coming weeks, I’ll post on topics that’ll be featured in my book. I’d love to hear your views. Hopefully, a good number of you will join the conversation.

Robert Rosenthal is founder of Contenteurs (formerly Mothers of Invention), a content marketing agency in the Boston, Massachusetts area that has created dozens of record-breaking marketing campaigns and won more than 50 results-based awards. Clients have included Citigroup, Constant Contact, Fast Company, Fidelity Investments, Forrester, Gartner, Harvard, IBM, INC. Magazine, Infogroup, Iron Mountain, McGraw-Hill, MIT, Monster, New England Journal of Medicine, Progress, RSA, Stratus, Thomson, Webby Awards, Ziff Davis, and many emerging companies. Robert’s campaigns have been covered in Advertising Age, AdWeek, The New York Times, and other publications. He’s been featured in Marketing Sherpa’s “Great Minds” series. Interested in speaking with Robert about your marketing challenges? Email Robert at info (at) contenteurs dot com or phone him at 508.517.2460.

Optimarketing® is a registered trademark of Contenteurs.

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